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Boost Your Hearing Power with Durable Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

woman changing hearing aid batteries

One important component to ensure proper hearing aid benefit is power! Some hearing aids are powered by small batteries that come in many different sizes. However, with new hearing aid technology, we are excited to introduce rechargeable hearing aid options for patients that prefer this option.

Do Hearing Aids Use Batteries?

Yes, hearing aids use batteries to provide amplification. The newest hearing aid technology will use rechargeable hearing aid batteries that are easier to handle, last all day for one charge, and as a rule last for the duration of the hearing aids life span.

In recent years, hearing aid users have had the luxury of investing in rechargeable hearing aid technology that does not require manual battery insertion. This type of system is great for patients who have limited dexterity in their fingers.

Traditional hearing aids use air-zinc disposable batteries that range in size. These batteries require manual input and can last from 5-12 days depending on the size and average use. We recommend talking to your clinician to learn more about what style is right for you. Even so, both hearing aid battery options are reliable and safe. We look forward to teaching you all about them in our new Kitchener location!

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