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Hearing Clinic Kitchener-Waterloo

Hearing Aids and Hearing Tests Centre at 9-450 Westheights Dr, Kitchener

Welcome To Discover Hearing Center– the Best Audiology Clinic For All Hearing Treatments!

In a world where communication is essential, hearing plays a vital part of our lives. Our goal is to provide you with caring and skillful treatment while treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and providing patient education. Our state of the art hearing technology provides us with the most reliable data about your hearing.

Being a local and independent audiology clinic, we offer a personalized approach to each patient on the journey to better hearing. We also understand that convenience is key, that is why you will find us when searching for our services such as ear cleaning near me. For this service and many others, visit us at our Kitchener clinic and let us show you how to rediscover the sounds of life.

What To Expect

Our process breaks down into 6 simple steps:

Step 1.

We perform a Sound and Lifestyle Consultation to understand your specific needs.

Step 2.

Examination of the Ear to ensure there is a clear ear canal and check for any abnormalities or wax buildup.

Step 3.

Hearing Assessment will be performed in a booth using a sequence of tones and pitches

Step 4.

Review Your Results with a Hearing Health Practitioner.

Step 5.

Your licensed Hearing Practitioner will perform a live demonstration and provide you with a suggested course of action.

Step 6.

Our staff will be there with you every step of the way for after care for your hearing aids.

Hearing Assessment

Don’t wait in silence, we are here to help you hear. Book an appointment with us for a complimentary hearing test today.

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Why Choose Us?

Whether you are investing in hearing aids for tinnitus, or sudden sensorineural hearing loss, working with Discover Hearing Centre you’ll receive:

  • Award winning quality of service
  • Care in both French and English
  • Try It BEFORE You Buy It
  • Highest technology levels from a wide variety of manufacturers
  • Customized care to your specific ear and hearing needs
  • Top of the line equipment for testing hearing and programing devices
  • Financing options
  • Remote care
  • Consistent ongoing and follow-up care

                     Test BEFORE you invest!


Tania H.

"Luc was patient, informative, and helpful. He listened to our needs and worked with us. He was able to make immediate improvements to my mother-in-laws hearing aids. He didn't push things she didn't need, which she appreciated given her fixed income"

Norman A.

"I was able to test the hearing aids and heard sounds I have not heard for decades. It still astonishes me how clear I can now hear, with no background noises. Most times, I don’t even realize I am wearing the hearing aids."

Robert W.

Just the other night, while my wife was playing her piano, she discovered a new brilliance and brightness of sound that has been escaping her for some time. With Luc's help and assistance the future looks very bright. We wholeheartedly recommend the Discover Hearing Centre and Luc Gilmour in particular. You won't be disappointed!


Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

Is Discover Hearing Centre independently owned?

Yes! Luc and Nicole are proud to be a fully independent and family owned business. Luc Gilmour is the Hearing Health Practitioner and runs the clinic with his partner Nicole Sorkin, Clinic Operations Manager. They offer hearing aids from all manufacturers and make decisions that provide the best options for you and your family.

Do I need a Doctor referral?

No, you do NOT need a doctor referral for any of the services we provide. If we find any abnormalities we will always refer you to your family doctor to provide you with appropriate testing. We encourage anyone who wants to have a hearing test call to book an appointment (there is no charge for individuals who are 18 or older). Even if you are not experiencing any difficulties hearing, we can establish a baseline and plot any changes over time.

Do hearing aids use batteries?

Yes, hearing aids use batteries to provide amplification. In recent years, hearing aid users have had the luxury of investing in rechargeable hearing aid technology that does not require manual battery insertion. This type of system is great for patients who have limited dexterity in their fingers.

Traditional hearing aids use air-zinc disposable batteries that range in size. These batteries require manual input and can last from 5-12 days depending on the size and average use. We recommend talking to your clinician to learn more about what style is right for you. Even so, both hearing aid battery options are reliable and safe. We look forward to teaching you all about them in our new Kitchener location!

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids are an investment in your health and will vary in price, depending on your preferences and lifestyle. The prices typically range between $800-$3,500 per aid. There are many factors that determine the price of hearing aids. Severity of hearing loss, technology levels, and patient preferences are some of the main influences on the price of hearing aids. We will work with you to find a device that suits your individual needs and fits within your budget.

What if my hearing aids aren’t working?

We are proud to service all makes and models. Simply book an appointment online or over the phone to have one of our staff members look at your devices for you. If there is a minor repair needed we will be happy to help you right here in the clinic as we have an in house repair centre. In the case that more advanced repairs are needed, we will send in the hearing aids to the manufacturer for repair. If your hearing aids are within the warranty period, then this is at no additional cost to getting hearing aids repaired. A service charge will apply for out of warranty hearing aids.

Why was I asked to bring a loved one with me to my appointment?

We recommend bringing someone whose voice you are familiar with to your hearing test as this can help in understanding your hearing loss. Moreover, it ensures that the devices you’re investing in will help you hear in environments you are familiar with. Additionally, those we are closest with often notice our hearing loss before we do and can assist in picking the right devices with you.

What is a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

A Hearing Instrument Specialist is an independent hearing healthcare provider who can help test, assess, and dispense hearing aids. In Ontario, Hearing Instrument Specialists are licensed by The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario who help maintain the standards for quality of care in the province.

What is the right hearing aid for me?

Hearing aids come in several styles including: behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), in the canal (ITC), and RIC hearing aids are amongst the most popular. Choosing the right style of hearing aid depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Your Hearing Health Practitioner will help provide you with suggestions that are best suited for your environment. However, it’s up to you to decide which hearing aids you are most comfortable with.

Have Questions?

Call or text our office if you have any questions about your hearing loss or anything else related to hearing. We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.