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Get an understanding of your hearing loss with a comprehensive evaluation.

Ear Wax

Pain or pressure in the ear? Our specialists can take a look.

Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

Protect your ears from loud noises, be it a snoring partner or your band.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Repairs

Have a tune-up done to your current hearing aids.

Welcome To Discover Hearing Center– the Best Audiology Clinic For All Hearing Treatments!

Hearing Aids and Hearing Tests Centre at 9-450 Westheights Dr, Kitchener

Experience & Trust

Award winning service in the heart of Kitchener-Waterloo.

Luc, Owner and Hearing Specialist, has won best practitioner in the region for 3 years running with 1st place awards in all hearing healthcare categories. We are proud to have a personalized patient experience that puts you first. Locally owned, we’re honoured to be recognized in Kitchener-Waterloo for trusted care you can rely on.


What To Expect

Our process breaks down into 6 simple steps:

Step 1.

We perform a Sound and Lifestyle Consultation to understand your specific needs.

Step 2.

Examination of the Ear to ensure there is a clear ear canal and check for any abnormalities or wax buildup.

Step 3.

Hearing Assessment will be performed in a booth using a sequence of tones and pitches.

Step 4.

Review Your Results with a Hearing Health Practitioner.

Step 5.

Your licensed Hearing Practitioner will perform a live demonstration and provide you with a suggested course of action.

Step 6.

Our staff will be there with you every step of the way for after care for your hearing aids.

Hearing Assessment

Don’t wait in silence, we are here to help you hear. Book an appointment with us for a complimentary hearing test today.

rechargeable hearing aids in kitchener

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are investing in hearing aids for tinnitus, or sudden sensorineural hearing loss, working with Discover Hearing Centre you’ll receive:

  • Award winning quality of service
  • Care in both French and English
  • Try It BEFORE You Buy It
  • Highest technology levels from a wide variety of manufacturers
  • Customized care to your specific ear and hearing needs
  • Top of the line equipment for testing hearing and programing devices
  • Financing options
  • Remote care
  • Consistent ongoing and follow-up care

Test BEFORE you invest!

Hearing is our mission. Connection is our passion.

In a world where communication is essential, hearing plays a vital part of our lives. Our goal is to provide you with caring and skillful treatment while treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and providing patient education. Our state of the art hearing technology provides us with the most reliable data about your hearing.

Being a local and independent audiology clinic, we offer a personalized approach to each patient on the journey to better hearing. We also understand that convenience is key, that is why you will find us when searching for our services such as ear cleaning near me. For this service and many others, visit us at our Kitchener clinic and let us show you how to rediscover the sounds of life.


Tania H.

"Luc was patient, informative, and helpful. He listened to our needs and worked with us. He was able to make immediate improvements to my mother-in-laws hearing aids. He didn't push things she didn't need, which she appreciated given her fixed income"

Norman A.

"I was able to test the hearing aids and heard sounds I have not heard for decades. It still astonishes me how clear I can now hear, with no background noises. Most times, I don’t even realize I am wearing the hearing aids."

Robert W.

Just the other night, while my wife was playing her piano, she discovered a new brilliance and brightness of sound that has been escaping her for some time. With Luc's help and assistance the future looks very bright. We wholeheartedly recommend the Discover Hearing Centre and Luc Gilmour in particular. You won't be disappointed!


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Have Questions?

Call or text our office if you have any questions about your hearing loss or anything else related to hearing. We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.