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Cognitive health and impairment are a growing concern among Canadians, and hearing issues are a significant risk factor. Book your cognitive evaluation today!

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    Understanding Cognitive Evaluation

    What is Cognitive Evaluation?

    Cognitive evaluation is a screening method designed to help determine the influence of outside factors on how the brain processes information. 

    Importance of Cognitive Evaluation

    While aging is the most common factor in cognitive decline, cognitive health issues can occur at any age range and be triggered by a wide variety of factors. This makes cognitive evaluation a highly useful tool in screening and recognizing cognitive issues at an early stage, increasing the chances of early detection for mild cognitive impairment and allow us to determine the right medical referral to see the right specialist.

    Cognitive Evaluation in Kitchener
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    Cognitive Evaluation and Brain Health

    How Cognitive Health Relates to Sound

    Several studies have shown that hearing loss significantly increases the risk of cognitive decline and developing dementia compared to individuals with normal hearing. This makes it the number 1 most modifiable risk factor. Many individuals with hearing issues withdraw from social interactions due to problems understanding others, isolating themselves. This lack of cognitive stimulation can increase these symptoms and lead to further cognitive decline.

    Signs You May Need a Cognitive Evaluation

    Recognizing the need for a cognitive evaluation can be crucial for early detection and effective treatment. Here are some signs that you may need a cognitive evaluation:

    • Memory Issues: Frequent forgetfulness, repeating questions, misplacing items
    • Difficulty with Daily Tasks: Managing finances, complex tasks, driving issues
    • Language Problems: Finding words, following conversations
    • Disorientation: Confusion about dates, seasons, or forgetting where you are or how you got there
    • Poor Decision-Making
    • Impaired Problem-Solving: Handling changes, planning and organizing

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    Our Cognitive Evaluation Services in Kitchener

    What to Expect During the Evaluation

    During the cognitive evaluation, you will use our cognitive self-screening tools in our hearing test clinic in Kitchener. This screening takes approximately 5 minutes through a digital device. This screening will allow us to gather more information on how your brain is processing information and your medical history.

    Our Expert Team

    Luc Gilmour, the owner and clinician at Discover Hearing Centre, has graduated with Honours from Conestoga College with a degree as a Hearing Instrument Specialist and is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner focusing on the relationship with hearing loss and cognitive load. His approach is to lead with empathy, listen to patient needs, and empower individuals affected by hearing loss to remain connected and actively engaged with their world. Hearing issues significantly contribute to cognitive problems, and Luc combines his passions with state-of-the-art equipment to provide best-in-class patient care in both French and English.

    Reasons to Consult a Hearing Care Professional

    Benefits of Cognitive Evaluation

    Detecting cognitive decline early on allows us to tailor possible treatment options early. Through a professional hearing test, we can determine if impaired hearing could be a factor and reduce the risk of developing more severe cognitive issues such as dementia. If this is the case, we can begin with a personalized treatment to address any hearing problems and use hearing aids to help you regain lost functions and prevent further cognitive deterioration.

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