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Discover Hearing Centre is a local and independently owned clinic located in Kitchener. We are committed to helping you hear the world around you and connect with your loved ones. Our approach is to ensure you’re getting the best quality care while also improving your hearing and quality of life. Providing our patients with caring and skillful treatment while treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and patient education is at the centre of our clinic.

Working with Discover Hearing Centre ensures that you receive:

  • Award winning quality of service
  • Care in both French and English
  • Try It BEFORE You Buy It
  • Highest technology levels from a wide variety of manufacturers
  • Customized care to your specific ear and hearing needs
  • Top of the line equipment for testing hearing and programing devices
  • Financing options
  • Remote care
  • Consistent ongoing and follow-up care
Discover Hearing

Hearing loss typically occurs at higher frequencies first, making sounds like the bird chirping difficult to hear. By investing in your hearing health you can rediscover the sounds of life.

Discover Hearing

Luc Gilmour

Meet The Team

Luc Gilmour is the owner and clinician at Discover Hearing Centre. He was born and raised in Kitchener and is excited to continue growing his roots in the community. He graduated with a Hearing Instrument Specialist degree with Honours from Conestoga College.

After his schooling, Luc has had the privilege of working in both private and corporate hearing clinics. These experiences provided him with a unique insight into different practices. He is motivated to blend the best of his backgrounds to provide the optimal patient journey and experience for each individual. More so, Luc is bilingual and is excited to service patients both in English and French.

Luc’s journey began growing up around the hearing industry. At a young age he had the chance to see how hearing aids changed people's lives. He has seen first hand how this has allowed people to reconnect with their loved ones. The continued research and development into hearing aids has broken many barriers and continues to set technological records.

This led to his passion for technology, where Luc co-owned a tech business but he knew that there was still something missing. He decided to go back to school to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Since then, he has been rated the top practitioner in the Kitchener area for 2020. Luc believes in clearly communicating complicated pieces of information to patients in a way that makes sense. Him and his team look forward to working with you at the Discover Hearing Centre location in Kitchener.

Luc lives in Kitchener with his partner, Nicole and their dog, Eevee. They are excited to have a Hearing Clinic in the region, as this has always been their goal. Luc and Nicole are committed to providing the best care to their community and look forward to serving you and your loved ones.

Have Questions?

Call or text our office if you have any questions about your hearing loss or anything else related to hearing. We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.