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Luc Gilmour

Luc Gilmour
Registered Hearing Care Provider
and Clinic Owner

Luc Gilmour, the owner and clinician at Discover Hearing Centre, was born and raised in Kitchener and is excited to continue growing his roots in the community. He graduated with Honours from Conestoga College with a degree as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Luc has been fortunate to work in both private and corporate hearing clinics, gaining unique insights into various practices both large and small. His experience working in a variety of clinical settings has shaped his approach of leading with empathy and listening to patient needs. He combines the best of his experiences to empower individuals affected by hearing loss to remain connected and actively engaged with their world by providing effective solutions that enhance their quality of life. 

Growing up around the hearing industry, Luc witnessed how hearing aids changed people's lives and allowed them to reconnect with their loved ones. He is passionate about technology and the advancements in the hearing industry. He pairs his passions with state of the art equipment to provide best in class care for patients, in both French and English.

Luc has been rated the top practitioner in the Waterloo Region for 4 years running, winning several awards for providing outstanding care. He believes in conveying complex information to patients in a clear and understandable manner. 

Luc resides in Kitchener with his wife Nicole and their dog, Eevee. They are excited to have a locally owned Hearing Clinic in the Waterloo region, as it has always been their goal to service their community. Luc and Nicole are committed to providing individuals with the best possible care and are looking forward to serving you and your loved ones. Luc and his team look forward to welcoming you to Discover Hearing Centre in Kitchener.


Patient Experience Coordinator

Jackie is the Patient Experience Coordinator at Discover Hearing Centre. With a heartfelt commitment to guiding our patients through their hearing treatment journey, Jackie brings invaluable expertise and passion to her role.

Drawing from her experience in the hearing industry, complemented by a background in Pharmacy and Business Management, Jackie offers a comprehensive understanding of our patients' needs.

Having devoted ten years to raising her family, Jackie embarked on a fulfilling return to the workforce, finding her calling at Discover Hearing Centre. Her journey adds a special depth to her care, ensuring our patients receive not only expertise but also empathy and understanding every step of the way.

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