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Have you had your hearing test? For most Canadians, the answer is a resounding no. We are your hearing loss clinic in Kitchener that prioritizes your lifestyle and helps you maximize your hearing so you can fully enjoy your lifestyle. While there is a notion that the only individuals that require a hearing evaluation are found in older demographics, people of all ages can benefit from a professional hearing assessment.

At Discover Hearing Centre, we help you maximize your lifestyle through the power of clear and conscious hearing. Visit our hearing test clinic in Kitchener, where we are professionally trained to treat and diagnose a wide range of hearing conditions that can interfere with your daily activities. Additionally, we offer a complimentary hearing assessment that can set you on the path of optimal hearing and that can further benefit you in more ways than one. No matter your age, a professional hearing evaluation will add many benefits to your lifestyle. 

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Seven reasons to book your hearing assessment

Luc Gilmour is a tinnitus specialist in Kitchener that has taken the time to truly connect with his patients and ensure that they walk out of the Discover Hearing Centre with enhanced hearing. At our clinic, we care. That is why we have compiled seven reasons to book your free assessment with us and experience the benefits of elevated hearing.

  1. Detects any hearing issues early on. The earlier you have a hearing test, the better the chances of catching any hearing-related problems that may develop later on. Even if you feel like your hearing is fantastic, you should still book regular assessments that can only be administered by a licensed hearing specialist.
  2. The hearing consultation is quick and effective. Our professional team will ensure that you have a speedy consultation, generally taking less than an hour. Your assessment will include answering any questions you may have and examining the state of your ear health. It is highly recommended to book a hearing test once a year to keep up to date on the status of your hearing as you get older.
  3. Improves your daily lifestyle. If you have ever felt like a conversation has been lost due to your hearing conditions, we can enhance your daily communication with the environment around you. A hearing assessment can help you determine whether you need a hearing device that can improve your workplace atmosphere, spending time with your loved ones and helping you become a part of larger group conversations.
  4. Stronger hearing can result in a stronger mind. Research has shown that there is a direct link between hearing loss and dementia, leading experts to believe that proactive interventions, such as hearing aids, can potentially delay or even prevent brain conditions later on in life. Additionally, some researchers believe that hearing assessments can lead to better cognitive function.
  5. Boosts your work performance. On average, those individuals who have had proper hearing aids implemented in their lifestyle, have functioned at a 30% better work performance; that is because a hearing aid can maximize business discussions, integrate the individual into a better sound environment and have an overall positive experience during a workday.
  6. Keeps your ears healthy. Yes, it’s usually what’s on the inside that counts, but a hearing evaluation will improve physical ear health as well. We can check any abnormalities like earwax build-up, infections or any growths that may be progressing. The healthier you keep your ears, the better your hearing chances will be!
  7. Identifies cardiovascular conditions early on. Your heart and your ears are directly linked. Due to the inner ear being incredibly sensitive to blood flow, abnormalities in your heart can be detected from a hearing evaluation. Conditions including sleep apnea, vertigo and an increased heart rate can be directly linked to impaired hearing. Do your body some good, and invest in your ear health today!

It’s a noisy world out there – be a part of it!

Life is worth hearing at any age! Taking proactive steps in maximizing your ear health will have numerous advantages as you get older. 

Add to the benefits of tomorrow and enhance your hearing health today! Think you may have hearing loss? Book a comprehensive hearing exam with our experienced team and speak to a professional about your options.

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