4 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Loved One About Hearing Loss

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Is a friend or family member experiencing hearing loss? Starting a conversation with them can be life-changing, and Discover Hearing Centre will help you start the process of empowering your loved ones with our hearing aids in Kitchener

Taking the steps to enhance your loved one’s journey to better hearing requires communication and support. Though not always easy, bringing up the topic of hearing loss is vital to their wellbeing and can instantly improve their quality of life. As a hearing loss specialist in Kitchener, Luc Gilmour, Hearing Specialist, will work with your loved one’s needs closely and truly understand their hearing aid needs. 

Invisible Hearing Aids: Breaking Down the Notion That Devices Have to Be Bulky

From large ear trumpets to small and delicate hearing devices that fit seamlessly into the ear canal, hearing aids have come a long way in the last decade. What is most impressive about these small devices is that they are completely integrated with the latest hearing technology, and allow the user to enhance their lifestyle without drawing attention to themselves. Invisible hearing aids are not only discreet, they only have numerous advantages that include:

  • No external tubes or wires,
  • Custom-fitted to the individual for maximized comfort, 
  • Less-likely to pickup wind and outside noise during usage,
  • Can be placed deep in the ear canals, allowing the individual to experience the clearest and most authentic sounds.

What are some signs that your loved one is experiencing hearing loss?

Some early signs might be visible, while others will be harder to identify. Here are just a few warning signs and characteristics to look out for:

  • Complaining about mumbling or speaking too softly
  • Difficulty understanding conversations over the phone
  • Trouble understanding speech when directly facing other people
  • Growing increasingly more impatient, irritable and frustrated in larger crowds
  • Not able to understand movie or theatre dialogues

4 Ways to have a positive hearing loss conversation

On average, individuals typically begin experiencing hearing loss seven to ten years before they decide to check the problem with an audiologist. Our hearing clinic wants to revert that notion and help your loved one get the right help on time.

It can be tough to open up the conversation about hearing loss. Here are four tips to enhance the experience and get your family member or friend the professional hearing loss expertise they deserve:

  1. Emphasize that the stigma associated with hearing aids is diminishing. Today’s hearing aids are compact and discreet, enabled with exceptional hearing technology. Hearing aids go virtually unnoticed in today’s world and explaining to your loved one that enhancing their hearing doesn’t have to come at the cost of a bulky earpiece can give them the confidence to get a comprehensive hearing evaluation.
  1. Be open and understanding to their concerns. For the general population, hearing loss develops with age, setting over a number of years; due to this, it can be incredibly difficult for an individual to admit that they are living with hearing loss that is affecting their lifestyle. 

It’s essential to be understanding and comforting if your loved one chooses to confide in you, ensuring that you are gentle and sympathetic. Alleviating them of their worries by reinstating that hearing loss is common and that they have numerous options for professional hearing help can kick start their journey to getting fitted for a customized hearing aid device.

  1. Ensure them that hearing aids are affordable. Some individuals might not admit to hearing loss with the fear that hearing aids will negatively impact their financial circumstances. At Discover, we are offering a 14-day no-commitment trial to eligible hearing candidates to help with financial planning and get the right hearing solutions. Through this initiative, we aim to increase awareness and access to hearing resources in the community. 
  1. Make them aware of the risks associated with hearing loss. Studies have shown that improved hearing quality can show significant improvements in an individual’s quality of life including:
  • Reduced chances of dementia
  • Lower risks of falling
  • Improved ability to understand speech and background noise
  • Less fatigue at the end of the day
  • Improved ability to locate the source of the sound
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities

Is your friend or family member experiencing hearing loss? We can help! 

You deeply care for your friends and family, and you may have recently noticed that they are having trouble hearing their life. Taking a proactive and positive approach to starting a conversation can be a fantastic way to support your loved ones and get them the help they need.

In a world where communication is essential, there is no better time to book a complimentary hearing evaluation. Book your appointment today!

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