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Discover is your professional local hearing clinic in Kitchener where you can get a personalized and honest approach to your hearing health. Whether you’ve been exploring your invisible hearing aid options or would like to understand your hearing journey more in-depth, we will help you from start to finish.

We are located minutes away from highway 8, Forest Heights, Forest Hill and Highland West neighbourhoods. Come visit our hearing centre and see for yourself - hearing aids are for everyone and incredibly discreet.

Our hearing centre is set in the heart of the Kitchener-Waterloo area with easy access from multiple close-by neighbourhoods including:

  • Alpine and Alpine Village
  • Forest Heights
  • Forest Hill
  • Highland West
  • Laurentian Hills
  • Laurentian West
  • Meizinger Park
  • Williamsburg
Discover Hearing

Take advantage of the best hearing technology on the market - affordably!

Our professional hearing clinic provides exceptional customer service to all of our patients, and offer highly competitive prices and affordable financing on hearing devices.


Our approach with each and every patient is friendly, knowledgeable and straightforward. We want to understand your daily activities and how they can be positively impacted by an improved hearing ability as we give you a comprehensive evaluation of what hearing device is most suited for your way of life.

Connect with your lifestyle.
Connect with our professionals.

Our professional sound practitioners will be with you every step of the way on your hearing journey while advising you on after-care for your hearing aids. Get all your questions answered about hearing loss, learn how you can enhance your sound journey and understand the latest hearing technology available at your fingertips.


Take advantage of our 14-Day Try Before You Buy Promotion and visit us today. Our doors are always open to improving your daily lifestyle, so come on in and speak to one of our hearing specialists to get started! Book your free hearing evaluation and we will determine your specific needs to discover your optimal sound specific for your life!

Discover Hearing

Discovery Hearing Centre


9-450 Westheights Dr
Kitchener ON, N2N 2B9

Phone: 519-208-4327 (HEAR)


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