Hearing Aid Brands

Discover Hearing Centre is proud to be an independently owned clinic, as this allows us to offer an array of hearing aid devices from all manufacturers. Working closely with several brands ensures that we can find the perfect hearing aids to meet your individual needs and hearing loss. The list below outlines the best hearing aid manufacturers and some of their most noteworthy hearing aids.

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Widex has developed a large selection of classic hearing aids and has also specialized in offering devices for tinnitus management. Widex’s uncompromising approach has led to many breakthroughs in hearing aid technology.

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Starkey Hearing Technologies offers a wide selection of hearing aids including hearing and activity trackers, slip and fall detection, as well as invisible products. They continue to keep up with current trends to meet consumer preferences.

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Signia is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. The company has been a trusted brand in audiology for over a century and their products can be found in over 120 countries. Moreso, they continue to innovate hearing technology and stay ahead of the market with their creative products like the German Invisible Hearing Aids and the Augmented Experience Hearing Aids.

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ReSound delivers All Access Directionality with their hearing aids, making conversations easier to follow. Additionally, they are industry leaders in rechargeability with up to 30 hours of battery life. Ask us about ReSound LiNX Quattro for hearing aids that automatically adjust to your environment.

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Oticon’s has always been at the forefront of market changes. Their philosophy is centred around focusing on how the brain responds to sound. Consider the Oticon More as it works alongside the brain to learn through experiences. This is the world’s first hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN).

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Phonak’s hearing aids are trusted around the world. They make water and duster resistant products as well as hearing aids that are compatible with all smartphones. Their technology is consistently meeting the changing tides of technology with the research and development teams.

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Unitron provides great and stylish products that can help amplify the sounds around us. They have a modern and simplistic approach that appeals to many individuals' preferences.

We Understand Your Needs

Finding the right hearing aid brand can be hard. We work closely with every patient to understand your individual preferences and hearing loss to recommend the best product for your needs.

Working with Discover Hearing Centre ensures that you get:

  • Award winning quality of service
  • Care in both French and English
  • Try It BEFORE You Buy It
  • Highest technology levels from a wide variety of manufacturers
  • Customized care to your specific ear and hearing needs
  • Top of the line equipment for testing hearing and programing devices
  • Financing options
  • Remote care
  • Consistent ongoing and follow-up care

Comprehensive Evaluation

Get an understanding of your hearing loss with a comprehensive evaluation.

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